Florida Man Birthday May 14

A Florida man got into a fight with a tree.

A man who was asked to stay away from them after shouting at the students at the school had a topless fight with the tree. The man was arrested in Milton on May 5.

George Ammons, 32, was charged with disturbing the peace. Ammons, who is in Santa Rosa County Penitentiary, has a $100 bail.

According to the arrest report, a suspect was sent to Russell Harber Landing Park at the time of the school trip on May 5, when more than 300 students were present. One of the teachers at the school told the police officer that a topless man wearing blue jeans and glasses was walking around, shouting at the children and scaring them.

When the police officer arrived at the park, he saw Ammons shirtless around the riverbank. When the police recognized Ammons, they wanted to talk to him and offered to meet Ammons.

The police officer said that Ammons’ erratic behavior was the reason he came to the park. “I came here to show the students the right way,” Ammons said.

“I walked from East Milton to Burger King and thought the kids might be here,” Ammons told the police officer.

The police officer told the students to leave the park until the excursion is over. Ammons did not do what the police officer told him, instead of leaving, he started a fight with a tree.

Ammons was detained and arrested. According to the ruling, he was banned from entering Russell Harber Park for a year.

Another Incident On May 14

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Who are the famous May 14 birthdays?

Henry McGee, English actor and singer (d. 2006)
1949 Johan Schans, Dutch swimmer
Jay Beckenstein, American saxophonist (Spyro Gyra)
Donald R. McMonagle, American colonel, pilot, and astronaut
Wilma Rusman, Dutch runner
Sabine Schmitz, German race car driver and sportscaster
1976 Martine McCutcheon, English actress and singer
1978 Gustavo Varela, Uruguayan footballer
Clinton Morrison, English-Irish footballer

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