Florida Man Birthday July 14

A Florida man was caught by authorities hiding heroin in his hip.

FLAGLER COUNTY, FLORIDA – A Florida man was found by sheriff’s deputies hiding heroin in a personal area.

According to the Flagler County sheriff’s office statement, deputy sheriff stopped the man named derick mckay on July 11 for speeding.

When the deputy sheriff spoke to Mckay, he could sense the smell of marijuana and that the man was nervous. Although Mckay said there was nothing illegal, the deputy sheriff was suspicious of the situation and wanted to conduct a detailed search.

Sheriff’s deputies were preparing to arrest McKay for driving with a suspended license. Meanwhile, Mckay admitted that he was hiding drugs on his hip.

Mckay pulled a pack of crackers, eight small packs of heroin, two small packs of molly, a small bag of marijuana, 12 lortab pills, and 12 oxycodone pills from his hip.

Mckay is being held in jail without bail facing multiple charges. According to reviews, Mckay’s criminal history dates back to 2008.

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