Florida Man Birthday September 5

A Florida man parked his car in the kitchen of his house so his smart car wouldn’t be blown away in a hurricane.

The incident took place in Jacksonville, Florida. An argument between a Florida couple soon turned into a challenge. The subject of the challenge was quite interesting. The Florida couple challenged each other over whether a smart car could fit in their kitchen. The answer was learned in a very short time.

Patrick Eldridge parked his smart car in the kitchen of the house. His rationale for this was to prevent his car from being blown up during Hurricane Dorian. In addition to this, he had an argument with his wife. He claimed that his car could fit in the kitchen. It looks like Patrick Eldridge won the bet.

Jessica Eldridge said the car was already parked in the garage. After an argument broke out between the two to clean the garage, Patrick Eldridge made an interesting offer. He claimed that he could park his car in the kitchen of the house and he would do it without any problems.

Even though Jessica Eldridge stated he couldn’t do it, Patrick Eldridge was determined to try. He opened the double doors on the side of the house leading to the kitchen, got into his car and drove the car inside. Jessica Eldridge was briefly stunned when he did this without any problems.

Hurricane Dorian was swirling around the Florida coast on Wednesday. Dorian moved north along the Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina coasts, but continued on before reaching the Jacksonville area. The storm, described as Category 2, devastated the Bahamas. Officials do not yet know exactly how much damage has been done.

On the other hand, with a car in the kitchen, Jessica Eldridge had to make extra effort to cook and prepare dinner. Because there was a car in the middle of the kitchen. Jessica Eldridge said she hopes the car will come out of the kitchen once the hurricane-induced wind has subsided.

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