Florida Man Birthday April 13

A Florida man beat up a cellmate who asked for a courtesy flush.

MONROE COUNTY, FLORIDA – According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, the courtesy flush debate that started in the prison turned into a fight. A Florida man was accused of beating his friend.

Authorities announced that 53-year-old Gilford Joseph Abshire was angry when he gassed a 65-year-old man with whom he was in the same cell on April 6. He used the cell toilet in Abshire around 7:30 am. The 65-year-old man asked Abshire for a courtesy flush to remove the bad smell. Angry at this request, Abshire attacked his cellmate, according to the report.

Although the victim stood up after the initial attack, Abshire grabbed her by the throat and threw her across the cell.

According to the records, the victim, whose probation was impaired due to DUI and drug possession, suffered three broken ribs and broken nose.

Another Incident On April 13

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Who are the famous April 13 birthdays?

A. H. Halsey, English sociologist and academic (d. 2014)
1944 Franco Arese, Italian runner
Louis Johnson, American bass player and producer (The Brothers Johnson) (d. 2015)
Sergei Gonchar, Russian ice hockey player
1976 Patrik Eliáš, Czech-American ice hockey player
Murat Yıldırım, Turkish actor
1980 Quentin Richardson, American basketball player
1984 Jarmo Ahjupera, Estonian footballer
Akeem Adams, Trinidadian footballer (d. 2013)

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