Florida Man Birthday January 29

A man who attacked a worker dressed as a “Minion” character in Daytona Beach, Florida,
was arrested and sentenced to 10 days in prison and “moral recognition therapy”.

26-year-old named Ryan C. Nihart young misdemeanor cases and was found guilty of
criminal mischief offense. The teenager was declaring himself to be a social media star.

Ryan C. Nihart, a disabled individual who was accused of assaulting 41-year-old Jamie
Roehm on July 8, 2018. Roehm was making the presentation of a Main Street business
called Jungle George’s. Nihart, to take videos of worker’s pushed to the ground and kicked
him in place which was wearing Minion clothes.

According to the Miami Herald’s report, Nihart, who battered the worker, said “I apologize to
everyone I offended” on his Facebook account. “My goal was just to make a funny video, not
to hurt. I wanted all of you to be happy.”

Ryan C. Nihart will serve his 10-day sentence in Volusia County Prison. In addition to his
prison sentence, Nihart was sentenced to pay for the worker’s damaged clothing, to practice
moral recognition therapy, and to a one-year probation.

Florida man pretending to be McDonald’s cashier fakes taking order, takes cash, deputies say

A strange incident occurred at the McDonald’s restaurant in Kissimmee on Sunday night. A
man, wearing a McDonald’s uniform, walked behind the counter and took a man’s order.

Seconds later, the cash register opened and the man who came in a worker’s suit took some
money and ran away with the other man. All moments were recorded by security cameras.

Deputy sheriffs at the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office stated that the same incident occurred
for the second time. The first incident in which the McDonalds outfit was worn took place on
December 25, 2019 in another location.

According to the sheriff’s deputies, the uniformed suspect was 6 feet, 2 inches tall and
weighed 170 pounds; the second suspect in the incident was identified as in his late 20s, 5
feet, 10 inches tall and weighed 230 pounds.

Who are the famous January 29 birthdays?

1756 Henry Lee III, American general and politician, 9th Governor of Virginia (d. 1818)
1862 Frederick Delius, English composer (d. 1934)
1866 Julio Peris Brell, Spanish painter (d. 1944)
1934 Noel Harrison, English singer, actor, and skier (d. 2013)
1943 Molly Meldrum, Australian journalist, critic, and producer
1953 Caesar Cervin, American soccer player and coach
1967 Cyril Suk, Czech-American tennis player
1984 Nuno Morais, Portuguese footballer
1986 Drew Tyler Bell, American actor and dancer

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