Florida Man Birthday December 23

Florida man caught handing out free marijuana and claims he did it for Christmas

The incident took place in St. Petersburg, Pinellas County. A Florida man began to stand on the sidewalks of a street. Later, he gave marijuana gifts to everyone who passed by. St. Petersburg police officers who arrived at the scene arrested the man for distributing marijuana.

St. Petersburg police came to the scene after a report from an eyewitness and arrested the man who was distributing drugs. Richard Ellis Spurrier, 67, said he distributed the drugs as a Christmas present. Saint Petersburg police officers took the man to the police station.

Spurrier did not cause any difficulties while being detained. During the interrogation by the investigators, he told everything calmly. He did not deny distributing marijuana and claimed he did it for Christmas. It is not known exactly how much marijuana the man distributed to passers-by.

During a search by the police, 45 grams of marijuana were found on Spurrier. Examining the walking stick Spurrier was carrying with him, a hidden sword was noticed. After Spurrier’s interrogation was completed, he was charged with marijuana possession.

St. Petersburg police did not make any further comments on the incident. It is unknown how long Spurrier will be sentenced. It is unclear whether he has a lawyer to defend himself. Although the man had a certain amount of marijuana on him, the amount of marijuana he gifted passers-by is unknown.

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Who are the famous December 23 birthdays?

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1941 Peter Davis, English businessman
Mikhail Leonidovich Gromov, Russian-French mathematician and academic
John Sullivan, English screenwriter, producer, and composer (d. 2011)
Ray Tabano, American guitarist (Aerosmith)
Barry Kooser, American painter and animator
Holly Samos, English radio host
Agnes Milowka, Polish-Australian diver, explorer, photographer, and author (d. 2011)
Dudu Aharon, Israeli singer-songwriter

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