Florida Man Birthday April 20

A Florida man tried to shoot a duck with a bow and arrow

EDGEWATER, FLORIDA – A man has been arrested for attacking a duck with a bow and arrow, according to the Edgewater Police Department.

In the pond located in Mango Tree Lane, a man said he shot the duck with a bow and arrow, according to an eyewitness statement on Sunday. The person who saw the incident said that he wanted to help the duck but could not succeed.

Authorities recently captured 23-year-old Walter Rieves, who shot ducks with a bow and arrow. Rieves told authorities he attacked him after a stranger told him it was not illegal to shoot a duck.

Investigators determined that Rieves had intentionally harmed the animal and that this had no legal basis. Rieves was arrested for animal cruelty and misdemeanor.

The injured duck found by the officer was taken to the Marine Exploration Center for treatment.

Walter Rieves is being held at Volusia County Penitentiary and is not on bail.

Another Incident On April 20

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Who are the famous April 20 birthdays?

Richard Hillary, Australian lieutenant and pilot (d. 1943)
1936 Christopher Robinson, English organist and conductor
Pat Roberts, American captain, journalist, and politician
George Takei, American actor
1952 Eric Pickles, English politician, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government
Barry Smolin, American radio host and composer
1966 David Chalmers, Australian philosopher and academic
1976 Shay Given, Irish footballer and manager
Nate Marquardt, American mixed martial artist


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