Florida Man Birthday October 13

A Florida man repeatedly sexually assaulted a horse named Mariah

The incident took place in the Indian River region of Florida. The horse, named Mariah, was repeatedly sexually abused by a man from Florida. Authorities received a notice that a Florida man had sneaked into a barn late at night. As a result of the investigation into the incident, it was learned that the man repeated this several times.

Indian River County Sheriff’s Office officials questioned Santiago Victoria, 57, for sexual assault. During this interrogation, Victoria detailed his crime. Victoria admitted that he had sneaked into the barn at night and sexually abused the horse named Mariah.

After his confessions, Victoria was detained on three different but felony charges of theft. Victoria has been ordered to stay away from the 5 acres of land where the barn is located. The owner of the property, Catherine Engel, installed several cameras in the barn to catch the person who had entered the barn red-handed.

Victoria re-entered the barn a short time later. Each time he entered the stable, he was seen behind a horse named Mariah. The owner of the horse, Engel, decided to install security cameras in the barn after finding ropes around the neck of one of her horses. The next evening, it was discovered that Victoria had sexually abused it by entering the stable and getting behind the horse.

Victoria was seen on camera holding his genitals. Victoria was leaving the barn after a while, but he came back to the barn at midnight. The man headed straight for Mariah’s stable. He was taking off his top while doing this. The cameras showed Victoria spending 30 minutes behind the horse while holding his hips with both hands.

Victoria was leaving again after a while. However, from the footage, it was noticed that after an hour had passed, he came back and got behind the horse again and moved his body back and forth. By this time he had his pants down to his ankles.

Police questioned Victoria after reviewing the footage. Victoria pleaded guilty during interrogation and was arrested. A bail of $75,000 has been set for Victoria. It was learned that Victoria had previously been imprisoned for DUI and violated probation.

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Who are the famous October 13 birthdays?

Edward Hennig, American gymnast (d. 1960)
1911 Millosh Gjergj Nikolla, Albanian poet and author (d. 1938)
Lenny Bruce, American comedian and actor (d. 1966)
Richard Howard, American poet, critic, and translator
Raynald Fréchette, Canadian lawyer, judge, and politician (d. 2007)
Ari Fleischer, American journalist and politician, 24th White House Press Secretary
Peter Keisler, American lawyer and politician, United States Attorney General
Cady McClain, American actress, singer, and author
Peter Dumbreck, Scottish race car driver

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