Florida Man Birthday July 12

A man in Florida was arrested for allegedly stabbing a tourist.

Jonathan Crenshaw, who works at the Lincoln Road Mall in Miami’s South Beach area, has been arrested for stabbing a tourist with his foot. According to the Miami Herald, the man had no arms and was seen painting with his feet.

According to Miami-Dade Corrections, Crenshaw was arrested on Tuesday and charged with aggravated assault. He allegedly stabbed a tourist with scissors on his feet.

The incident happened Monday, when Cesar Coronado, 22, of Chicago, and a friend stopped by to ask Crenshaw for directions, according to the Miami New Times.

Allegedly, Crenshaw stabbed Coronado with the scissors he held with his foot and fled the scene. The man was found with injuries to his left arm.

Crenshaw was arrested the next day and said what he did was self-defense. The court date for Crenshaw was set for July 18, and his bail was set at $7,500.

Another Incident On July 12

Police: Florida Man Forgets To Untie Boat While Stealing It

Who are the famous July 12 birthdays?

Billy Smith, Australian rugby player and coach
1950 Eric Carr, American drummer and songwriter (Kiss) (d. 1991)
Timothy Garton Ash, English historian and author
Tonya Lee Williams, English-Canadian actress and producer
Karl J. Friston, English psychiatrist and neuroscientist
Dan Boyle, Canadian ice hockey player
1978 Kristiina Poska, Estonian conductor
1981 Pradeepan Raveendran, Sri Lankan director, producer, and screenwriter
Sharath Kamal, Indian table tennis player

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