Florida Man Birthday November 11

Florida man attacks restaurant employee for not putting lettuce on his sandwich

The incident took place in Largo, a city in Pinellas County. A Florida man visited a fast food restaurant to fill his stomach. He asked the employee to prepare a sandwich and began to wait. After the sandwich was served to him, he had a nervous breakdown and attacked the employees. The reason for the attack was that there was no lettuce in the sandwich.

Officers from the Largo Police Department responded to an emergency request from Ulmerton Road. They learned that there was an attack in Checkers, which is located in the area. Restaurant workers said that 49-year-old Henry Arce-Cabellero suddenly got angry and started punching car windows and attacking employees.

Employees said they were extremely afraid that they and their customers were not safe during the incident. What made Arce-Cabellero so angry was the lack of lettuce in the sandwich. Arca-Cabellero refused to cooperate and denied all allegations when police arrived on the scene.

Police asked Arca-Cabellero to give an affidavit. One of the officers asked him for his driver’s license, but the man refused to give him his license. The police had to force the man out of the car when he did not get an answer despite repeatedly asking for the driver’s license. The police later arrested the man.

When one of the police officers detained Arca-Cabellero, he met little resistance. When the handcuffs were put on, the man stopped resisting. Arca-Cabellero was accused of disobeying orders and displaying disorderly behavior. The absence of lettuce at Checkers was recently attributed to the FDA recall of close to 4,000 cartons of lettuce nationwide.

Another Incident On November 11

Florida Man Advertises Counterfeit Cash For Sale On Craigslist

Who are the famous November 11 birthdays?

Anna Schwartz, American economist and author (d. 2012)
1926 Maria Teresa de Filippis, Italian race car driver
Vincent Schiavelli, American actor (d. 2005)
Mic Michaeli, Swedish keyboard player (Europe, Brazen Abbot, and Last Autumn’s Dream)
Tomas Pačėsas, Lithuanian basketball player and coach
Melissa Stark, American journalist and sportscaster
Static Major, American singer-songwriter and producer (Playa) (d. 2008)
Maniche, Portuguese footballer and manager
François Trinh-Duc, French rugby player

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