Florida Man Birthday June 7

An alligator hit a man while it was running away in Florida.

OCOEE, FLORIDA (AP) – An alligator wandering around a Florida neighborhood wanted to escape. While escaping, the crocodile beheaded a man and knocked him unconscious.

The incident, which was broadcast on a television channel on Tuesday, caused discomfort in Ocoee, which is close to Orlando.

In the video footage shown by WKMG-TV, the Florida Fish and Wildlife hunter is seen putting a nearly 2 meters alligator in the back of the truck. Blindfolded and defenseless, the crocodile suddenly attacks the man and hits him with its head. While trying to get the crocodile back to the truck, the hunter falls to the ground. The video that WKMG-TV showed was first posted on YouTube on May 25.

According to local residents, the crocodile passed through the front yards of the houses before the hunters arrived.

No information was given about the health status of the hunter, who suffered the crocodile’s head blow. The crocodile was removed from the neighborhood by the officials.

Another Incident On June 7

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Who are the famous June 7 birthdays?

Herman B Wells, American banker, author, and academic (d. 2000)
1946 Jenny Jones, Palestinian-Canadian singer, drummer, and talk show host
Kym Whitley, American actress and producer
Prince Joachim of Denmark
Terrell Buckley, American football player and coach
Piotr Małachowski, Polish discus thrower
1984 Ari Koivunen, Finnish singer-songwriter (Amoral)
1990 Allison Schmitt, American swimmer
Iggy Azalea, Australian rapper

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