Florida Man Birthday July 2

A Florida man was arrested for throwing McDonald’s sauce at his girlfriend.

A Florida man is angry that his girlfriend bought the wrong menu at McDonald’s on Sunday. The man threw the gravy packets in his girlfriend’s face.

30-year-old Jesus Oscar Ferrer Jr. assaulted his girlfriend in a Tampa motel room, police said.

In an argument between Ferrer and his girlfriend over the McDonalds menu, Ferrer used force to knock his girlfriend down. Using his strength, Ferrer pressed the woman’s head to the ground, while she plucked Ferrer’s beard.

Ferrer had fled the scene when the police arrived at the motel. The captured man was arrested and sent to Pasco County Jail. The trial of the man, who was arrested on the charge of heavy assault, was held on Monday.

According to the report, it was revealed that Ferrer had beaten the same woman earlier this year. Ferrer received a prison sentence and did not appeal the charge. He was released after paying $750 and court costs.

Another Incident On July 2

Florida Man Unaware He’s Not Allowed To Shoot At Strip Club From His Vehicle

Who are the famous July 2 birthdays?

Jean Craighead George, American author (d. 2012)
1929 Abraham Avigdorov, Israeli soldier (d. 2012)
Carlos Menem, Argentinian lawyer and politician, 50th President of Argentina
Paul Williams, American singer and choreographer (The Temptations) (d. 1973)
Kenneth Clarke, English politician, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain
Tony Armas, Venezuelan baseball player and coach
1964 Alan Tait, English-Scottish rugby player and coach
Moon So-ri, South Korean actress
Mihkel Tüür, Estonian architect

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