Florida Man Birthday January 28

Pinellas Park, FL. (WTXL) – A man living in Florida was accused of stealing pills. The man
who thought he stole the opioids actually stole the laxatives.

Peter Emery, 56, was charged with pill theft. The man who thought he had taken the opioid
had taken a handful of laxatives.

According to WPBF, last week, Peter Emery was caught on video of a house in Pinellas
Park. The footage was taken as Emery entered the victim’s lock box.

Emery pulled the pills out of an addictive medicine box. Although the medicine box had a
hydrocon-acetaminophen label, there was Equate Gentle Laxative in the box.

The information obtained by the Smoking Gun was that Emery swallowed two pills,
mistaking it for hydrocones, but threw them when he realized the pills he swallowed were not hydrocones.

Peter Emery was arrested on charges of serious crime.

Florida man finds World War II hand grenade, brings it with him to a Taco Bell

A fisherman who went fishing in Florida on Saturday made an unexpected discovery. A hand
grenade came across the magnet of the fisherman who was searching with a magnet in the

According to the investigations of the Ocala police, it turned out that the bomb remained
from World War II.

The fisherman said he went to Taco Bell after finding the grenade and then called the police.
With the arrival of the bomb disposal team, the restaurant and its surroundings were
evacuated for security purposes.

The investigation made by the police revealed that the grenade was not suitable for active
use. After the crews took the grenade, it brought the environment back to its normal flow and
took the grenade to destroy it.

After a short event, Taco Bell continued its activities.

Who are the famous January 28 birthdays?

1910 John Banner, Austrian actor (d. 1973)
1936 Alan Alda, American actor, director, and screenwriter
1945 Maxwell Fuller, Australian chess player (d. 2013)
1950 David C. Hilmers, American colonel, physician, and astronaut
1968 Sarah McLachlan, Canadian singer-songwriter, pianist, and producer
1969 Kathryn Morris, American actress
1974 Ramsey Nasr, Dutch author and poe
1985 Lauris Dārziņš, Latvian ice hockey player
1986 Nathan Outteridge, Australian sailor

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