Florida Man Birthday December 7

A Florida man used an assault rifle and shot another man who broke into his home

The incident took place in Miami, Florida. A Florida man chased another man who broke into his home. He then followed the man with an assault rifle in his hand. Although the thief pleaded for his life, the Florida man shot him several times with the gun he had brought with him. Later, police arrested the Florida man for attempted murder.

Corthoris Jenkins, 28, who lives in Miami, was playing video games in his bedroom with his girlfriend. At this time he heard a noise and went to the other rooms to check it out. He realized that a thief had entered his house and started chasing the man. While he was chasing, he had an assault rifle in his hand.

The chase between Jenkins and Xavier West continued for a while. Jenkins caught West about 582 feet away from his home. West fell to his knees and began begging for his life. Jenkins did not listen to him and shot several times with the gun in his hand.

When the police arrived on the scene, they found eight empty bullet casings. Therefore, they arrested Jenkins for attempted murder in the first degree. Jenkins thought that instead of calling the police, he would solve the case on his own. Therefore, he chose to chase the man down the street.

Detective Iry Watson released a video recording of the incident. The video footage included the moment Jenkins chased West and what happened afterward. Police did not find any signs of forced entry in Jenkins’ home. This raised suspicions that Jenkins and West might have known each other before the incident.

Badly wounded, West was taken to the Ryder Trauma Center for treatment. Detective Watson stated that she did not have the opportunity to speak to West because his condition is still serious. Jenkins said in court that he was the victim of the incident, not the culprit.

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