Florida Man Birthday November 18

Florida man sentenced to 6 months in prison for defrauding a relief fund

The incident took place in Miami, one of Florida’s largest cities. A Florida man scammed a COVID relief fund. When the man was discovered to be cheating, he was taken into custody. The federal court sentenced the Florida man to six months in prison.

Willie Curry, 58, made a false statement to the relief fund created to fight COVID. Thus, he took advantage of the low-interest loan offered by the relief fund. He was arrested when it was revealed that he lied to get the loan. The court sentenced Curry to six months in prison for perjury and fraud.

Curry attended the hearing in Miami federal court on Wednesday. Curry was detained in August on suspicion of fraud. During the interrogation of the investigators, he admitted that he had applied to the U.S. Small Business Administration with inaccurate information.

A plea agreement was made with Curry because he confessed to his guilt. According to the agreement, Curry filed an application with the U.S. Small Business Administration in June 2020. The reason for the application was to take advantage of the Injury Disaster Loan opportunity. He gave false information about his company to get support.

In his application, Curry stated that Will Curry Computers was founded in 2015, employs 10 workers, has an annual gross income of approximately $755,000, and a cost of goods sold of approximately $170,500. But this information did not reflect the truth. The facts emerged as a result of the research conducted by prosecutors.

Prosecutors determined that Willy Curry Computers was founded in 2020 and that the company does not have any employees. In addition, prosecutors found that he earned income from the goods sold, but that the cost of goods sold was minimal.

Investigators noted that Curry works as a full-time network administrator in the Miami-Dade County area. It has been confirmed that the COVID pandemic has affected the salary of many people across the country. But Curry was not one of them. Because it was determined that Curry did not experience any salary loss.

After Curry’s fake application, the U.S. Small Business Administration took action. U.S. Small Business Administration disbursed a $10,000 advance and then $150,000 in loan proceeds to Curry’s financial institution. After that, Curry returned the loan he had used to the organization.

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