Florida Man Birthday December 13

Florida man running at the airport shouting “there’s a bomb” sentenced to probation

The Florida man was arrested in Daytona Beach, Volusia County. In the incident that took place last year, the man was running around the airport naked. While running he was continuously shouting about a bomb about to explode. The bomb claim was unfounded and many people were victims.

John Thomas Greenwood, 27, was sentenced to 10 years of probation following the court decision regarding the incident. In addition to this sentence, it was decided to pay compensation for causing many passengers and airport companies to suffer. If your decision is fully valid, Greenwood will have to pay quite a bit of compensation.

Volusia County Circuit Judge Matt Foxman announced the amount of compensation. Greenwood will need to pay $4,939 to American Airlines and $9,500 to Delta Air Lines. There will also be compensation to Jet Blue and the airport. However, the amount of these two compensations has not been determined yet.

Greenwood arrived at Daytona Beach International Airport early on May 11, 2018. When he arrived at the airport, he was wearing only socks. All of a sudden he started running and shouting that a bomb was about to explode. After Greenwood ran for a while, the police neutralized him using a stun gun.

The airport was closed for two hours and everyone in the terminal was evacuated. An extensive bomb search was carried out at the airport. In the end, it was understood that the bomb claim was unfounded. After a two-hour break, everything was back to normal at the airport.

The sentence given to Greenwood was less than the four-year sentence recommended in state sentencing guidelines. Public defender Ryan Belanger, who defended Greenwood, stated that his client had an Adderall addiction. Belanger also said that Greenwood suffered a traumatic brain injury during a car accident in 2015.

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