Florida Man Birthday August 21

A Florida man who thought he was cunning dressed as a middle schooler so he could play in the Youth Football League, but gave up.

A Florida man, allegedly 21, disguised as a junior high school student so he could play youth league soccer. After the situation was discovered by the authorities, the Florida man was arrested for illegal involvement in the organization.

The 21-year-old Julious Threatts tried to enter a tournament that took place on August 21, despite being ineligible. According to Youth Football League and district officials, Threatts, who stated his name as Chad Johnson, wanted to sign up for the Tampa Youth Football League, where students aged 13 and 14 compete.

A few days later, Threatts tried to enroll himself in Webb Middle School, again using the name Chad Johnson, telling the school administrators that he was homeless. A social worker was appointed by the school administrators to investigate the situation.

When the social worker called a number based on the information presented to them, when they wanted to reach Threatts, Threatts’ mother answered the phone. After a brief conversation with her mother, the social worker realized that Threatts was lying and filed a criminal complaint against him.

When the incident was reported to the police, it was inevitable that more research should be done on him. In addition to being charged with trespassing with an organization, Threatts has also been charged with violating probation, which he received in a theft case in 2009.

This wasn’t the first time Threatts had tried this trick, according to a coach in the Youth Football League. According to information from the coach, Threatts tried to impersonate a teenager on another regional football team last year. Ray McCloud, athletic director of the youth team said, this is the second similar case this year.

Ray McCloud says his last attempt made national headlines. According to the incident in May, former Fort Lauderdale basketball star Guerdwich Montimere, 22, was arrested by the police after impersonating a 16-year-old boy playing for Texas’ high school team.

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