Florida Man Birthday April 17

TALLAHASSEE, Florida – A man clad himself in concrete outside the Governor’s Mansion, protesting the coronavirus conditions in prisons.

According to a statement from Tallahassee police, 28-year-old Jordan Mazurek said he locked up his arms and filled the PVC pipes with concrete and placed them in two 55-gallon bottles. Mazurek was spotted around 06:00 am and was freed from the concrete around 10:30 am.

One of Mazurek’s gallons was said to have written “Stop the massacre”. The man was also wearing a mask.

Mazurek is a Texas sociologist and co-creator of the Campaign Against Toxic Prisons. “We did not organize the protest, but we are aware of what happened,” said Mei Azaad, spokesperson for the group. Azaad said, “It was an act that we showed those in power that we were serious. Our goal is the release of the defenseless in prison.”

“Today’s demonstration took place because of the worsening situation in prisons in Florida,” the group’s website said in a statement.

According to the police statement, it was very difficult to get Mazurek out. Police spokesman Kevin Bradshaw said: “When Mazurek refused to leave the area, it was difficult to get him out. We used heavy equipment,” he said.

Police said Mazurek would be charged for restricting access and fined for blocking traffic.

This week, a group of inmate rights advocates for nearly 20 cars sang songs surrounding the Capitol and the Department of Enforcement. They demanded that the prisoners be released so that the coronavirus epidemic does not affect the prisons.

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis made a statement regarding the coronavirus in Fort Lauderdale on Friday morning.

Another Incident On April 17

Police Arrest Florida Woman, 22, For Violently Yanking Penis Of Ex-Boyfriend

Who are the famous April 17 birthdays?

Maurice Rouvier, French businessman and politician, 53rd Prime Minister of France (d. 1911)
1884 Leo Frank, American businessman (d. 1915)
Herms Niel, German soldier, trombonist, and composer (d. 1954)
Thornton Wilder, American author and playwright (d. 1975)
1956 Colin Tyre, Lord Tyre, Scottish lawyer and judge
Frank J. Christensen, American union leader
1965 William Mapother, American actor
1973 Jeff Lewis, American football player and coach (d. 2013
Anna Geislerová, Czech actress

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