Florida Man Birthday September 19

Unknown why Florida man tried to bake cookies on grill, set on fire at home

The incident in Niceville, Florida will not be forgotten by the authorities for a long time. Firefighters and law enforcement officers, who went to the scene to respond to a fire in a house, were shocked by the scene they encountered. A naked man caught fire while trying to bake cookies on the George Foreman grill.

According to information relayed by WFTV, firefighters received an emergency response notice on the night of September 12. A house fire broke out on Date Palm Drive and firefighters rushed to the scene to fight the fire. But when they reached the house on fire, a naked man opened the door and quickly closed the door after saying “sorry” to the firefighters.

Law enforcement officers arrived on the scene a short time later. When the police knocked on the door, the door opened, but the man was not there. He just left the door ajar. As the police proceeded through the house, they saw several items on fire. The landlord didn’t seem to care too much.

Authorities took the naked man out of the house, not so concerned for his own safety. During interrogation, the man admitted to drinking two liters of vodka and marijuana. The drunk man tried to put out the flames with a towel, but they were also burned because the towels were dry. The man escaped without any injuries.

Another Incident On September 19

Neighbors Complain About Florida Man Doing Yard Work Naked, Police Say It Is Legal

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