Florida Man Birthday October 5

Florida man kills son-in-law during birthday surprise with semi-automatic gun

The incident took place in Pensacola, Florida. A Florida man’s son-in-law came to Pensacola from Norway to surprise him for his birthday. But during the birthday surprise, things went wrong. The Florida man unwittingly shot and killed his son-in-law.

Santa Rosa Sheriff Bob Johnson has released a statement regarding the murder at the birthday party. Richard Dennis, 61, lived in his own home. He heard a knock on his door around 21:30. Heading towards the door, Dennis went out to chase one of his relatives after a rather unrelated argument.

Dennis’ son-in-law, Christopher Bergan, came to Gulf Breeze to join Dennis’ other relatives for a birthday party. The only purpose of 37-year-old Bergan was to surprise his father-in-law on his birthday. However, things did not go as expected. Bergan almost became the unfortunate name of the birthday surprise.

Dennis started to hear voices again around 11:30 PM. This time, the voices were coming from the back door, not the front door. Dennis took his 380-caliber semi-automatic pistol with him. He then turned on the porch light and decided to go outside to see who was at the back door.

Dennis was outside his door, searching for the source of the noise. Meanwhile, Bergan emerged from the bushes and made various sounds to surprise his father-in-law. Dennis fired the gun he brought with him and shot Bergan. Bergan died at the scene.

When the sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene, several people were trying to stop Bergan’s bleeding. In line with the comprehensive investigation into the incident, it was decided that the shooting was purely coincidental. Therefore, it was learned that no charges will be made against Dennis.

Sheriff Johnson said he couldn’t predict what Dennis would do after what happened. Johnson reiterated that something happened that should never have happened and that it was an accident. In addition, the sheriff invited other people to pray for this grieving family so that they can get through what they’ve been lived.

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