Florida Man Birthday October 18

Florida man detained on suspicion of killing a South Florida police officer

The incident took place in Hollywood, Florida. An 18-year-old Florida man shot and killed a South Florida policeman, authorities said in a detailed statement Monday. The police, who started an investigation after the incident, stated that the murder was committed during an argument.

According to the information given by the Hollywood police units at the press conference, a notice was received from the vicinity of the Emerald Hills County Club on Sunday night. The report sent to the police units did not contain any details other than the information that a suspicious event had occurred.

The police, who went to the scene and investigated, concluded that 28-year-old police officer Yany Chirino was shot during an argument. After the late Chirino was shot, several policemen tried to give him first aid. However, Chirion passed away shortly after he was admitted to the nearby Memorial Regional Hospital.

Other police officers present at the scene detained Jason Vanegas. Venegas will be charged with gun theft, assault on a law enforcement officer, major theft of firearms, covert possession of firearms, responding to arrest with violence, and first degree murder.

Chief Chris O’Brien, spokesman for the Hollywood police, announced that the late police officer Chirino has been with the department since 2017. Chirino was doing his job well enough to be named Officer of the Month in June 2020.

O’Brien stated that Chirino is a great cop and therefore has a positive impact on society. O’Brien did not fail to add that the late Chirino had devoted his life to his mission without hesitation with dignity. He expressed that they were extremely sad as a department at the death of Chirino.

Law enforcement officers in Broward County began to investigate the case with great care. In line with the investigation, which was expanded on Monday morning, they learned that a police officer was found dead in his car at a nearby shopping mall in the same day.

The flag in front of the Hollywood Police Department was lowered at half-mast. It was learned that the investigation of the police officer who was found dead in his car will be carried out by the Plantation Police Department. No additional information or details about the incident shared with anyone so far.

Another Incident On October 18

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1932 Vytautas Landsbergis, Lithuanian musicologist and politician
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Doug Mirabelli, American baseball player and coach
Jaime Koeppe, Canadian model and wrestler
Dante, Brazilian footballer
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