Florida Man Birthday Challenge March 27

BROOKSVILLE, FLORIDA – According to the man’s claim, the coronavirus stimulant control
was hidden in what he received as a car promotion.

Although the Senate approved the $2 billion incentive, it did not pass the House of
Representatives. The incentive, which has not been signed by the president, has not yet
become official.

The $ 3,000 check that arrived on Thursday to the man named Thomas Andrews was
official. Andrews was suspected of this post because it wrote “COVID-19 Auto Stimulus” in
the post.

In an interview with WFLA, Andrews said, “The stimulus check is timed, can be monitored,
turn on immediately,” and said, “My grandmother might love this type of thing, so I found it
right to send it as soon as I can.”

According to the information obtained from the WFLA, in the letter received, it is mentioned
about a region incentive reward within 10 days. Along with the letter, there were pictures of
second-hand vehicles for sale.

There was an address on the check in the incoming mail. The address goes to the business
that offers a car rental and garage service.

Andrews thinks that what has been done is not right and should not be done this way

Another Incident On March 27

Florida Man Arrested For Stealing Vibrator For Girlfriend From Spencer’s Gifts

Who are the famous March 27 birthdays?

Jean-Louis Beaudry, Canadian businessman and politician, 11th Mayor of Montreal (d. 1886)
1886 Sergey Kirov, Russian politician (d. 1934)
Frank O’Hara, American poet and critic (d. 1966)
1942 John Sulston, English biologist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate
1949 Dubravka Ugrešić, Croatian-Dutch author and scholar
Graham Clarke, Irish hurler
1982 Captain New Japan, Japanese wrestler
1985 David Navara, Czech chess player
Rodriguinho Marinho, Brazilian footballer

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