Florida Man Birthday September 8

A Florida man and his mother’s orange juice argument turns into a bloody affair

The incident took place in Florida’s North Miami Beach area. A South Florida man has been accused of killing his mother. According to the statement made by the authorities, the man started arguing with his mother. The subject was mundane things like orange juice, air conditioner control, and driving the car.

Luis Martin Pages, 29, of North Miami Beach, has been charged with the death of Miriam Gonzalez, 59. The charge contained information about second-degree murder with a deadly weapon. According to the information obtained, Pages is being held without bail at Miami-Dade Corrections.

The information in the police report allowed us to reach more details about the incident. Pages called 911 and admitted to the police on the phone that he had shot his mother. It was around 17:00 when the police arrived on the scene. Pages said that “I killed him. Put me in jail.” after telling the cops that his mother had died.

According to media reports, Pages had been living with his mother Gonzalez for about a month. Pages asked her mother to borrow her car to look for work opportunities at Labor Day. His mother refused this request, and mother and son began to argue. Later, a new discussion started between the two on orange juice and air conditioning control.

Pages said his mother threatened him with a knife. Because of this, he admitted to killing her by shooting at her multiple times. Gonzalez died at the scene. Pages was convicted in January for a robbery and resisting an officer, but was released on bail. This time he is being held without bail in prison for manslaughter.

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Who are the famous September 8 birthdays?

Tilly Devine, English-Australian criminal (d. 1970)
1922 Royston Tickner, English actor (d. 1997)
Jerzy Robert Nowak, Polish historian and journalist
James Packer, Australian businessman
Ray Wilson, Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist (Genesis and Stiltskin)
Martin Freeman, English actor
Alexandre Bilodeau, Canadian skier
Wiz Khalifa, American rapper and actor
Arrelious Benn, American football player

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