Florida Man Birthday September 7

Florida man caught while stealing mail from mailbox and attacked to homeowner

The incident took place in Hawthorne, Florida. A Hawthorne man was caught stealing mail from a woman’s mailbox and attacked her. Sheriff’s deputies, who made a statement about the incident, said that the man was only wearing underwear at the time of the incident.

Deputy sheriffs responded to a notice Thursday, according to the incident report produced by the sheriff’s office. They arrived at the scene after a notice from S County Road 325. The interesting thing is that it started after that. Because the sheriff’s deputies began to hear a strange story from the homeowner.

When the woman who owns the house returned to her house in her car, she met the man who was wearing only underwear in front of her house. The man was rummaging through her mailbox and trying to steal something from it. David Dunaway, who was learned to be 64 years old, panicked after seeing the woman and involuntarily attacked the woman’s car by shouting.

Dunaway had attacked the car window, but only the mail he had stolen had landed on it. The woman who owned the house started to drive a little forward to put some distance between her and Dunaway. But instead of fleeing, Dunaway followed the woman, preparing for another attack in the meantime.

Then the homeowner held the gun in the vehicle and pointed it at Dunaway. She said she would shoot if he kept coming after her. Seeing the gun, Dunaway turned away from the scene and headed towards SE 171st Lane, where his home is located.

The sheriff’s deputies, who came to the scene upon a notice, went to Dunaway’s house and arrested him in line with the information they obtained. Dunaway was sent to prison for assault, theft, and nonviolent resistance to an officer. He is currently held in jail on a $60,000 bail.

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Who are the famous September 7 birthdays?

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1917 John Cornforth, Australian-English chemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2013)
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Angie Everhart, American model and actress
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Cameron Ocasio, American actor

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