Florida Man Birthday September 30

Admired for bravery, a Florida man uses a trash can to catch an alligator roaming the neighborhood

MOUNT DORA, FLORIDA (WSVN) – Seeing an alligator roaming around his neighborhood, a Florida man used an extremely unique way to capture it and release it into the lake. The man who tried to catch the alligator using a large trash can soon went viral.

The video, which quickly became viral, features a man named Eugene Bozzi fighting an alligator. Bozzi, who lives in Mount Dora, Florida, uses a large trash can in a flash of courage to catch an alligator standing in front of his house.

Bozzi confidently pushes the open trash can towards the alligator and catches the alligator. After catching the alligator, he tries to take it to a nearby lake. Of course, while doing this, he had to deal with the alligator in the trash can.

When he got close to the lake, he opened the trash can and the alligator was moving towards the lake. Bozzi is applauded by the people watching him after his extraordinary effort. While this is happening, some people are videotaping it, and the video soon goes viral.

According to information from WESH, Bozzi moved to Florida from Philadelphia about a year ago. “I was really scared when the crocodile was in the litter box,” Bozzi told WESH.

He recalled his memories of trying to overcome his fear of Bozzi, whose father was a war veteran, “I remembered army training. Finish, deliver, keep moving.” He said he was considering army commands. Even if Bozzi successfully takes the alligator to the lake, it is clear that this is a dangerous thing.

It’s all about personal skill and some luck to end this situation without injury. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s statement on the incident is quite clear. If people see an alligator, it is recommended to seek professional support to ensure that it is caught.

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