Florida Man Birthday September 29

A Florida man dressed only in underwear hit the deputy sheriff in the face with a Bible and screamed “I condemn you”

OCALA, FLORIDA — It’s no surprise that events like this happen in Florida. Robert Hoskins, 39, broke into someone else’s home to steal something. Acting on the tip, the sheriff’s deputies found Hoskins when they arrived at the scene, but he was only wearing underwear.

This was just the beginning of the event. When the sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene, they wanted to interfere with Hoskins. But the man, dressed only in underwear, shouted “I condemn you!” to a deputy sheriff while he was running with a Bible in his hand.

The sheriff’s deputies went to great lengths to disarm the man. But they finally managed to handcuff Hoskins. But the event did not end there. At least for Hoskins. At this point Hoskins tried to escape one last time. She pooped while trying to get rid of the handcuffs.

During the investigation, Hoskins admitted to stealing. Body camera footage clearly showed his biblical attack. He was charged with battery to one officer, burglary, theft, property damage and resisting arrest. Hoskins was later released on $13,000 bail.

Another Incident On September 29

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Who are the famous September 29 birthdays?

Fikret Abdić, Bosnian economist and politician
1940 Brute Force, American singer-songwriter
Theo Jörgensmann, German clarinet player and composer (German Clarinet Duo, Clarinet Contrast, and Klarinettenquartett Cl-4)
Stephanie Miller, American comedian and radio host
Aleks Syntek, Mexican singer-songwriter and producer
Matt Hullum, American actor, director, and producer, co-founded Rooster Teeth
1981 Siarhei Rutenka, Belarusian-Spanish handball player
Niklas Moisander, Finnish footballer
David Del Rio, American actor and director

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