Florida Man Birthday September 27

Florida man stuffs trash bag into neighbor’s mouth

Is it possible to fight over the color of the garbage bag? When Broward County cops heard about the incident, there was both surprise and confusion in the department. Although it was thought that the fight broke out over a pile of garbage, the truth was different.

The 54-year-old Florida man was arrested Monday. In the footage taken on July 15, he was seen fighting over a garbage bag. The reason for the fight was that his neighbor used a blue garbage bag instead of black. After the fight, his neighbor filed a complaint.

Keith Gomez was on his way home from work when he saw Jerome Ridgley looking at piles of trash. Ridgley looked very angry and acted as if he were counting garbage bags. Ridgley stopped Gomez, who was heading home at that time, and the two began to argue.

The argument quickly got out of control. Meanwhile, the people around were trying to understand what was going on. Gomez was talking very fast and making threats. Eyewitness Todd Miller said, “I’ve never seen Gomez this angry and he was definitely not good”.

According to the police statement, the reason for the argument was the color of the garbage bag. The statements of the duo confirmed the incident. Ridgley first asked Gomez, “Why did you use the color blue?”. Gomez rebuffed him, saying, “It’s none of your business.”

At the 34th second of the footage, Ridgley can be seen punching Gomez, knocking him to the ground. Ridgley then opens the blue trash bag and pours its contents on Gomez. Afterwards, it was noticed that he was trying to make Gomez swallow the garbage bag.

According to Todd Miller, the two had never argued before. However, a person who did not want to give her name stated that she knew that Jerome Ridgley didn’t like the color blue very much. Ridgley was detained on suspicion of attempted assault and released on bail.

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Who are the famous September 27 birthdays?

William Babcock Hazen, American general (d. 1887)
1934 Dick Schaap, American sportscaster and author (d. 2001)
T. C. Cannon, American painter and sculptor (d. 1978)
Graham Richardson, Australian journalist and politician, 39th Australian Minister for Health
Dmitry Sitkovetsky, Russian violinist and conductor
Marc Maron, American comedian, actor, and radio host
1971 Amanda Detmer, American actress
Gwyneth Paltrow, American actress and singer
Mónica Puig, Puerto Rican tennis player

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