Florida Man Birthday September 27

Florida man arrested after trying to wield a samurai sword in a garbage heap fight

What would a samurai sword do in a garbage disposal fight? That was the message Broward County cops were sending to each other within the department. Because the cops arrested a man for a samurai sword linked to a bizarre fight over a garbage heap.

Curtis Miller, 54, was arrested on Monday. According to the images in the video taken on July 15, he was charged with attempted murder in the second degree.

The victim, Todd Beavers, saw Miller staring at a pile of garbage near Oakland Park. Beavers was out for a run at this time. The two men started arguing when Beavers grabbed a wheelbarrow from the garbage pile, and the argument quickly got out of hand.

According to the police statement, the two men were talking, but Beavers took the wheelbarrow and started running towards his house. Miller soon began making his way to the Beavers’ home. Beavers was talking on the phone in front of his house during this time, and the house’s security camera was recording everything that was going on.

According to the information obtained from the security camera, Beavers notices Miller coming towards him from down the street and goes to the pavement. With that, Miller pulls a samurai sword from its scabbard just as he enters the frame of the cameras. He says a few words, then raises the sword and swings it at the victim with a heavy blow.

The security camera then shows the two men grappling on top of the wheelbarrow. Miller swings the sword several times but fails to hit the Beavers. Later, Beavers told the news channels, “I saw him pull out the sword. I’m starting to wonder if he’s actually going to do that.”

After a short struggle, Miller leaves the wheelbarrow and walks back. Beavers, on the other hand, points to the security camera while saying something behind the man’s back. The video ends with a woman dragging the wheelbarrow to another location. Despite Miller swinging the sword over and over, the Beavers escaped unscathed.

Police released security camera video in August to identify the man who was keen on wielding a sword, and later the woman who dragged the wheelbarrow. The woman then appeared by introducing herself as the owner of the property that owned the garbage heap.

Miller is currently held without bail on unrelated charges. Beavers said he regretted snatching the wheelbarrow because he didn’t expect it to cause such a big deal. “I didn’t even need the wheelbarrow. I felt really stupid,” Beavers said.

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