Florida Man Birthday September 2

A Florida man tries to impress his girlfriend as he looks for ways to evade the police

The incident took place in the Clearwater area of ​​Florida. A Florida man gifted a woman an unforgettable day. While impressing his girlfriend on the one hand, he tried to get rid of the cops on the other. 22-year-old Taylor Beverly managed to give herself, his girlfriend and the cops a breathless experience before he was caught by the cops.

Beverly suddenly lured his girlfriend into a police chase. He tried to escape from the police at full speed using his 2017 model Suzuki brand motorcycle. Not understanding what was going on, the young woman seemed extremely impressed by Beverly’s riding skills. At least that’s what Beverly hoped. However, Beverly’s escape plan did not end as he had planned.

The chase between Beverly and the police started because of a red light violation. Police tried to pull the young man aside for violating the red light. The young man thought it would be a better idea to run away than to obey the orders of the cops. While doing this, another aim was to show his lover that he was unique.

The police gave Beverly a stop warning, but the man did not respond, trying to increase the speed of the motorcycle and get away. He was sure his bike would go faster than the cops. It managed to get over 100 mph while driving through traffic. He made a few more red light violations while escaping from the cops.

Beverly chose to stop at an intersection, even though the reason is unknown. When he stopped his motorcycle, the cops were able to take him into custody. During the interrogation, Beverly claimed that he did everything to impress his girlfriend. The young woman did not agree with him on this matter. Because she repeatedly told Beverly that she was yelling and begging that he should stop.

Beverly was arrested after interrogation and sent to county jail. He was later released on bail. However, he will have to see a judge. Also, in the police report, it was written that the police wanted to be stop him because the license plate of the Suzuki motorcycle was not visible. It seems that the file is not closed yet.

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