Florida Man Birthday September 10

A Florida man asks a woman for money, but when he gets a positive response, he tries to kidnap her niece

The interesting event in question took place in Florida’s DeFuniak Springs region. DeFuniak Springs district police reported in a press release that a drunk and homeless man was trying to kidnap a girl. What makes the event interesting is that the man asked his aunt for money before he kidnapped the girl, and he did so when he was going to get money.

This interesting event took place exactly in the garden of the First Baptist Church Pre-School. While a 16-year-old woman was going to drop her niece to school, a man came up to her and asked for money. The woman panicked for a moment, but then she headed for her purse in the car to give the man money. The man, on the other hand, tried to kidnap the woman’s nephew, who was in the backseat.

While the police made a statement about the incident, “When the woman headed towards the car to give the homeless man some money, the man opened the back door of the vehicle and pulled the woman’s nephew out of the vehicle.” Not knowing what to do at that moment, the woman began to beg the man to let her go. The man finally released the girl.

Jeffrey Thomas Caldwell, 61, who lives in the DeFuniak Springs area, left the area as the woman and her nephew were walking into the school and then called 911. The cops admitted that Jeffrey Thomas Caldwell was drunk and took money from the victim, but stated that he had done nothing wrong.

Jeffrey Thomas Caldwell was charged with assault, theft and kidnapping. According to Walton County records, this wasn’t the first time this man had been killed. According to detailed records, Jeffrey Thomas Caldwell was previously arrested for disorderly drunkenness and trespassing.

Another Incident On September 10

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Who are the famous September 10 birthdays?

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1912 Mary Walter, Filipino actress (d. 1993)
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James Graham, English rugby player
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