Florida Man Birthday October 22

A Florida man shot and killed his neighbor during an argument over a cat

The incident took place in Marion, Florida. A Florida man got angry with the cat that walked into his garden and threatened his neighbor first to kill the cat. The argument between him and his neighbor turned into a big brawl in a short time. Then the Florida man shot and killed his neighbor.

The explanation made by the authorities was enough to explain almost everything about how the incident took place. Clifton Anthony Bliss Jr., 58, got angry when his neighbor’s cat walked into his garden. Thereupon, he started arguing with his neighbor, and at the end of the argument, he shot and killed his neighbor.

Caught by Marion County Sheriff’s Office officials, Bliss Jr. is facing murder charges. It has been learned that Bliss Jr. will be charged with second-degree murder for the shooting that he carried out on Wednesday. This means that he will be sent to jail without bail.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office officials, who launched an investigation into the incident, stated that Bliss Jr. got angry when her neighbor’s cat broke into his property. Then Bliss Jr. took his gun and told the cat’s owner that he would shoot the cat next time. The verbal argument between the two men resulted in murder after a while.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office officials have stated that 41-year-old Arland Taylor asked Bliss Jr. not to shoot his cat. Bliss Jr., on the other hand, got a little more angry and aimed his gun at Taylor and shot him. The unfortunate Taylor died at the scene. Bliss Jr. was sent to Marion County Jail without bail.

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Who are the famous October 22 birthdays?

Edmund Dulac, French-English illustrator (d. 1953)
1907 Jimmie Foxx, American baseball player, coach, and manager (d. 1967)
Lou Klein, American baseball player, coach, and manager (d. 1976)
Claude Charron, Canadian educator and politician
Arsène Wenger, French footballer and manager
Saffron Burrows, English actress
Andrés Palop, Spanish footballer and manager
Martín Cardetti, Argentinian footballer and manager
Jonathan Lipnicki, American actor and producer

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