Florida Man Birthday October 12

Florida man shot by another Florida man for refusing a shot of drink

The incident took place in Florida’s Ocoee region. A 39-year-old Florida man shot another Florida man of the same age as him. While the two men were spending time at the bar, one of them shot the other in the foot. The victim was shot because he refused a shot of drink.

Ocoee Police Department’s cops got a notice about a shooting. After the notice, they went to the bar called Frank’s Place. Frank’s Place was located on North Clarke Road, just off East Silver Star Road. When they went to the scene, they learned that Lathon Jeen Yee had fired six shots.

In their statement to the police, bar staff said that Yee had been hanging out with the bar for six months. An eyewitness, who did not want to be identified, informed the police about the incident. The eyewitness said that he had never been so scared in his life, that a few words suddenly turned into gunshots, and the man did not pay attention to anyone while shooting.

The police examined the security camera footage. As soon as the victim turned the corner, Yee would start shooting at him, ignoring the other customers. Ocee police chief Stephen McCosker confirmed that the man didn’t mind anything while shooting, according to eyewitness accounts.

Saying that Yee threatened other customers while shooting, McCoscker stated that the man was very close when he fired and did not care how many times he fired. The eyewitness, who asked not to be identified, said that he was very lucky to be alive and stated that his life would change completely from today.

Joshua Seyfang, the assistant manager in charge of running the bar, said he hadn’t been able to sleep properly since the incident happened. Expressing that he constantly remembers what happened during the incident, Seyfang stated that the gunshots and human screams never left his mind.

Seyfang said the police were still looking for the shooter, but he believe they would eventually find him. The police are after the man who gave people a nightmarish day at the Frank’s Place bar. However, it was learned that the wounds of the victim, whose leg was shot in the incident, started to heal.

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Who are the famous October 12 birthdays?

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Raimond Aumann, German footballer
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Patrick Musimu, Belgian diver and physiotherapist (d. 2011)
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Ahmad, American rapper (4th Avenue Jones)
Prince Boris of Bulgaria

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