Florida Man Birthday May 30

A Florida man was arrested after escaping traffic control.

ST. JOHN’S COUNTY, FLORIDA – A man fleeing traffic control called 911 to say to intervene, according to WTLV.

On May 5, a white Hyundai exited the parking lot on South Woodlawn Street and was stopped by the authorities. An hour or so after the incident, 911 was called.

The person who called 911 was Nicholas Jones, 19 years old. He told the officer, “I escaped police control about an hour ago and I’m glad I did. I was the person in Kings Estates. I passed 4 police officers and left. What are we paying you for?”

Answering the call, the officer said, “Are you saying you ran away from the police?”

In response to the officer, “The police officer turned on his lights and passed behind me. While I was going to move towards the door of my vehicle, I moved away from there,” he said.

“Are you requesting an officer?” the officer asked.

“My license plate number should have been taken,” Jones said. However, I walked past the four policemen around. What do you do?”

The sheriff’s deputies wanted to prolong the meeting. Because they were trying to locate Jones.

According to WTLV, a suitable car was found in front of a store the next day. Jones was arrested and told officers, “The police had no right to stop me. He turned on his lights and approached me, he was going to stop me.”

“I self-reported,” Jones said. Otherwise, I don’t think any police will catch me. “My Hyundai is a very fast vehicle,” he said.

Jones is charged with reckless driving, breaking parole and misusing 911.

Another Incident On May 30

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Who are the famous May 30 birthdays?

Anders Michanek Swedish motorcycle racer
1950 Joshua Rozenberg, English lawyer, journalist, and author
Bob Yari, Iranian-American director and producer
Ryuhei Kitamura, Japanese director, producer, and screenwriter
Shin Ha-kyun, South Korean actor
Radoslav Nesterović, Slovenian-Greek basketball player
1979 Rie Kugimiya, Japanese voice actress and singer
1981 Devendra Banhart, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Megapuss)
Ailee, American-South Korean singer, dancer, and actress


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