Florida Man Birthday May 22

A Florida man used equipment at the playground to tell how the babies arrived

A man used play equipment to tell children how the dolls arrived, officials said. The man’s narration was rude.

A police officer overheard Otis Dwayne Ryan, 30, shouting on Sunday that babies came from women. The officer told Ryan he was using inappropriate language and warned him. The families of the children in the park got them out of the park quickly.

Ryan went to the tourists and asked their boyfriends to confront him and said inappropriate words. While doing this, Ryan was being watched by a police officer.

Charged with the indecent crime, Ryan was fined $118.

Ryan has been released, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Another Incident On May 22

Florida Man Points Loaded Shotgun At Irs Worker Who Knocked At His Door

Who are the famous May 22 birthdays?

Jean Cras, French admiral and composer (d. 1932)
1879 Warwick Armstrong, Australian cricketer and journalist (d. 1947)
Vance Packard, American journalist and author (d. 1996)
Thomas Gold, Austrian-American astrophysicist and academic (d. 2004)
Natasha Shneider, Russian-American singer, keyboard player, and actress (Eleven) (d. 2008)
Catie Curtis, American singer-songwriter
1969 Michael Kelly, American actor
1973 Donell Jones, American singer-songwriter and producer
Tranquillo Barnetta, Swiss footballer

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