Florida Man Birthday May 19

A Florida man set fire to his wife’s home.

A Florida man set fire to his wife’s home with a vehicle painted similar to the Dodge Charger featured on the show Dukes of Hazzard, according to the police statement. The man was arrested after he tried to evade the police at high speed.

Oswald Pereira has been charged with arson, evade the law, evade the police, assault with a deadly weapon, and nonviolent resistance, Click Orlando reports. Police said in a statement that Pereira set the house on fire after arguing with her husband.

During a chase between Pereira and the police, Pereira left the Dodge Charger and switched to the GMC Yukon. This point, where the video recording also started, helped the authorities on Pereira’s journey to the other district while hiding in the closet of a house.

This event may sound like a movie scene. However, the fact that Pereira was burned more than 15 percent of her body, arrested and taken to the hospital makes the event real.

The only person who was harmed in the arson incident was the living criminal himself. According to information received from his neighbors, Pereira was a former horse jockey who loved his job and family and was also a good person. They think he must be extremely miserable to start the fire. However, this is not the first time Pereira has faced these crimes. In 2018, complaints of theft and domestic violence were previously reported.

There is no information about Pereira’s condition yet.

Another Incident On May 19

Florida Man Arrested After Falling Asleep During Home Burglary

Who are the famous May 19 birthdays?

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1929 Helmut Braunlich, German-American violinist and composer (d. 2013)
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Christopher Chope, English lawyer and politician
Archie Manning, American football player and sportscaster
Wayne Van Dorp, Canadian ice hockey player
1972 Jenny Berggren, Swedish singer-songwriter (Ace of Base)
1977 Manuel Almunia, Spanish footballer
Rebecca Hall, English-American actress

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