Florida Man Birthday June 26

The Florida man who killed Pinky, who was dancing at Busch Gardens, died in a car accident two months before his trial.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, 48-year-old Joseph Corrao was killed on June 5 in a street near his home.

In August 2016, Corrao went to the Jambo Junction animal viewing area at the amusement park where he went with his mother and daughters. Corrao was known for taking the 15-year-old Chilean flamingo.

According to the authorities’ statement, Corrao threw Pinky to the ground hard. Corrao’s behavior seriously injured Pinky, even causing Pinky to lose a leg.

Corrao told the authorities that he had no intention of hurting the bird, but just wanted to show off for his daughter. After learning about the euthanasia decision to be made for Kus, he apologized.

Arrested for cruelty to animals, Corrao was released on bail after serving a five-day prison sentence.

Animal lovers, who received the news of Pinky’s death, demanded harsher punishments and created petitions called “Justice for Pinky”.

According to TWSP, Corrao had previously been arrested on serious animal cruelty charges for violence against his neighbor’s two dogs.

A judge involved in the case requested that Corrao’s mental health be examined by two psychologists.

According to Tampa Bay’s statement, Corrao developed stress disorder, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder after a psychologist’s examination. The other psychologist was of the same opinion as the other psychologist in his diagnosis of schizophrenia. Two psychologists said that Corrao could not be prosecuted.

The judge ordered Corrao to abstain from alcohol, take her medications, and undergo competency restoration training at home. It was announced that Corrao will appear in court in March, and a hearing date has been set for August.

After Corrao’s death, prosecutors made an official statement that they dropped the criminal charge.

Pinky became famous in 2011 with the release of a video featuring her dance “Flamingo Flamenco”.

“Pinky used to dance when she got attention, and she loved to dance,” said Karen Varga-Sinka, spokesperson for Busch Garden at the time.

Another Incident On June 26

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Who are the famous June 26 birthdays?

Babe Didrikson Zaharias, American golfer and basketball player (d. 1956)
1936 Jean-Claude Turcotte, Canadian cardinal (d. 2015)
Harriet Wheeler, English singer-songwriter (The Sundays)
Richard Garfield, American game designer, created Magic: The Gathering
Mike Myers, American baseball player
Andrea Gibbs, Australian actress and radio host
1988 Rina Nakanishi, Japanese model and singer (AKB48)
1991 Diego Falcinelli, Italian footballer
John Mark Loudermilk, American actor and producer

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