Florida Man Birthday July 7

A Florida man wears a Grim Reaper suit and wants the governor to make masks mandatory.

MIAMI (CBSMiami/CNN) – A Florida man strolling the state’s beaches dressed as the Grim Reaper is calling for a mask requirement for Covid-19 measures. The Florida man is making this request from Governor Ron DeSantis.

A lawyer named Daniel Uhlfelder had sued the state governor for opening the beaches prematurely. For the past few weeks, Uhlfelder has been lurking like a Grim Reaper in a dark cloak and scythe, telling people on the state beach that the danger of coronavirus still exists.

“When I started warning people in March, I could predict things would get worse,” Uhlfelder told CNN on Monday. Now my predictions have exceeded my thoughts.”

Uhlfelder criticizes Governor Ron DeSantis for leaving decisions on masks and beach matters to the authorities.

“Local authorities have made masks mandatory in their counties, including Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Orange, Hillsborough and Duval,” Uhlfelder said. Cody McCloud, secretary of Governor Ron DeSantis, told CNN, “We’re talking about the largest counties in Florida, so masks are mandatory in these areas.”

Some counties have experienced serious cases of Covid-19, while others have encountered fewer cases. The mask requirement for Miami Dade may be true, but in some parts of Florida, the number of cases did not exceed 50. It does not make much sense to require masks in regions where low case numbers are seen.

Governor Ron DeSantis explained that he attributed the increase in cases in the state to more tests. Saying that the average age of people with positive results is 36, the governor said that the death rate is close to zero.

According to the Florida Department of Health’s statement, 7,361 new cases of covid-19 have now been announced in the state. According to the ministry’s statement on July 7, there were a total of 213,793 cases and 3,841 deaths.

The lawyer, who wears a Grim Reaper outfit, says that beaches are places where people from all over the world visit, and that’s why cases are increasing.

“Uhlfelder scares people who come here dressed as the Grim Reaper by saying you’re dead,” James Rivera told CNN onJacksonville Beach. Uhlfelder is exaggerating a bit. Let’s not give up everything because we are sick.”

Uhlfelder continued his tour of the beaches as the “voice of the people of Florida” and said his concern was tourists from outside Florida. “This is not the act of being on the beach,” Uhlfelder said. People are getting fresh air and exercising. “I don’t have a problem with people’s behavior like this,” he said.

Uhlfelder said his concern is because other small towns, such as the town of Escambia where he is located, do not have adequate infrastructure as a result of increased cases. He said that he found the solution to make the use of masks compulsory.

“We don’t have a comprehensive state plan,” Uhlfelder said. The governor, on the other hand, left the decision to local areas such as cities and counties, instead of making the difficult decisions.”

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