Florida Man Birthday July 5

A Florida man posing as a cop tried to arrest a deputy sheriff.

According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office statement, on Thursday night, a man dressed as a policeman tried to arrest the deputy sheriff. The man dressed as a policeman was arrested.

Barry Lee Hasting Jr., 35, dressed as a cop in the Interstate 4 area, during the incident, which took place around 8:30 p.m. Thursday.

Posing as a fake cop, Hasting chased after Crown Victoria with flashing white and amber lights and an off-duty Lee County sheriff’s office. Hasting’s goal was to stop the deputy sheriff.

According to the sheriff’s office statement, Hasting told the deputy sheriff to slow down.

Hasting wanted to double-check the deputy’s ID. He said that he forgot his own identity, but that he was a police officer. Hasting told the deputy sheriff to follow him to the station so he can show his identification information. Hastings drove east on Interstate 4.

Citizen band radio, siren box and light assembly were found inside Crown Victoria, which was stopped by sheriff’s deputies.

Another Incident On July 5

Florida Man Tells Cop He “Really Enjoyed” Resisting Arrest Because It Was Like Being On A TV Show

Who are the famous July 5 birthdays?

Mark Cox, English tennis player, coach and sportscaster
1945 Humberto Benítez Treviño, Mexican lawyer and politician, Attorney General of Mexico
Terry Chimes, English drummer (The Clash, Generation X, Hanoi Rocks, and Cowboys International)
Ken Akamatsu, Japanese illustrator
Kip Gamblin, Australian dancer and actor
Britta Oppelt, German rower
1979 Shane Filan, Irish singer-songwriter (Westlife)
1984 Danay García, Cuban-American actress
Baily Cargill, English footballer

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