Florida Man Birthday July 3

A Florida man tried to run a microwave inside a microwave. The man died after the explosion.

A Florida man’s life ended in a very interesting way. A man named Bill Davis put his microwave oven in the microwave and died as a result of the explosion. Davis was on a video call with his friends, and they suddenly voiced the idea of ​​putting the small microwave in the large microwave. Davis seemed determined to make this experiment.

Michael, who was in the video call, said about the incident, “I didn’t think Davis would do this. He was someone who would do anything to entertain those around him.”

Davis’ friend Vanessa said, “There were two microwave ovens in the house of different sizes. The smaller one put the microwave in the larger one and turned on the oven. Then there was the explosion. He wanted to entertain us, we will never forget him.”

Thiago said, “The microwave oven worked for 4:20 minutes and we were having a lot of fun. After the explosion, the meeting ended and we all stopped laughing.”

Authorities stressed that such an attempt should not be made.

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Who are the famous July 3 birthdays?

Coco Laboy, Puerto Rican baseball player
1943 Kurtwood Smith, American actor
Saharon Shelah, Israeli mathematician and academic
Dave Barry, American journalist and author
James Hahn, American judge and politician, 40th Mayor of Los Angeles
Ramush Haradinaj, Kosovo-Albanian soldier and politician, 4th Prime Minister of Kosovo
1976 Wanderlei Silva, Brazilian-American mixed martial artist
Harbhajan Singh, Indian cricketer
Nicolas Roche, Irish cyclist

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