Florida Man Birthday July 29

A Florida man walked into a grocery store with his alligator.

JACKSONVILLE (CBSMiami/AP) – Some people may enjoy doing chores with their “pet”.

In the video footage, a man named Robby Stratton is seen trying to buy a beer from a convenience store with his crocodile, whose mouth is taped. Robby walks into the store with his crocodile holding the rope and asks, “Do you have a beer?” Later, seeing another customer, Robby yells, “You’re not getting the last beer, are you?”

Robby, holding the crocodile, runs towards the other man. Then he buys a 12-pack of beer from the market.

Stratton told a television channel on the subject, “The liqueurs of this market are very good and I was drunk that night. I don’t remember coming here and it’s so stupid that I did. I will probably be sentenced to prison for what I have done.”

Saying that he regrets it, Robby stated that he is currently in contact with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Another Incident On July 29

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Who are the famous July 29 birthdays?

Max Nordau, Hungarian physician, author, and critic, co-founded the World Zionist Organization (d. 1923)
1914 Irwin Corey, American actor and activist
Nancy Kassebaum, American businesswoman and politician
Neal Doughty, American keyboard player, songwriter, and producer (REO Speedwagon)
Stig Blomqvist, Swedish race car driver
Joe Johnson, English snooker player and sportscaster
1963 Graham Poll, English footballer, referee, and journalist
1966 Martina McBride, American singer-songwriter and producer
Ryan Braun, Canadian-American baseball player

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