Florida Man Birthday July 21

A Florida man made a dog-leash tourniquet for a cyclist who was bitten by an alligator.

A Florida cyclist fell into a body of water containing a 9 meters alligator. The cyclist who was attacked by the crocodile was seriously injured. The situation would have been even worse if a man walking with his dog near the body of water had not intervened quickly on the cyclist. A man named Charlie Shannon made a tourniquet using his dog’s leash to stop the bleeding on the biker’s leg.

Shannon was hiking in Halpatiokee Park in Martin County when she heard shouts nearby.

Shannon told WESH, “I heard voices a little behind the scout camp, but I had no idea what it was. “At first I thought it was the voice of the children, but when I went to the scene, it was a much more serious situation than I thought.”

When Shannon went to where the voices were coming from, she saw 74-year-old Robert Bassett, who had been attacked by a crocodile. Bassett was frightened by the attack and was injured. Cyclists said Bassett was an experienced rider who knew the roads.

Shannon enlisted the help of a boy to rescue Bassett and pulled him out of the water. He then made a tourniquet using his dog’s leash. However, Shannon’s ideas about how to stop the bleeding were vague.

Shannon said, “I tried not to stop the blood completely and held it tight. I think this needed attention.”

Bassett’s health is now stable. According to a report from TCPalm, the crocodile was removed from that area.

Another Incident On July 21

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Who are the famous July 21 birthdays?

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1946 Timothy Harris, American author, screenwriter and producer
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1970 Alysia Reiner, American actress and producer
1971 Emmanuel Bangué, French long jumper
Kyoko Iwasaki, Japanese swimmer

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