Florida Man Birthday July 17

A Florida man died because of balloons.

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FLORIDA – Alan Abrahamson, 71, started taking morning walks to lose weight which he gained on a recent cruise.

On the morning of January 25, he left his $900,000 home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and went for a walk. A gunshot was heard from the surrounding area, and Abrahamson was dead.

It was first thought to be a murder committed against Abrahamson. However, there were no guns, empty cartridges, or signs of a struggle. According to the Palm Beach Post, there was a different lead at the crime scene; a thin line of blood running from the scar in his heart to his shoulder.

Police investigations revealed that two air balloons had been purchased at Abrahamson’s email address. No one around Abrahamson thought he was interested in aerial photography or in weather balloons.

When Abrahamson’s internet history was searched in detail, he asked the person selling the weather balloons about the explosion of the balloons. Investigations showed that Abrahamson visited an industrial material warehouse on January 23 and purchased a 40 cubic meter helium tank.

The Washington Post recorded the report “Can you commit suicide with a gun without a gun?” about a search made in February 2017.

The theory put forward by the police is that Abrahamson tied a gun to the balloon, used a rope between the trigger and his finger, and shot himself. In this theory, the blood line on the shirt could also be explained.

Officials said using a simulator the weather balloon could carry the weapon north of the Bahamas or across the Atlantic. Abrahamson’s case was settled as suicide and closed.

Another Incident On July 17

A Florida man is facing charges as police say he stole an alligator and attempted to throw it on a roof

Who are the famous July 17 birthdays?

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1932 Niccolò Castiglioni, Italian composer (d. 1996)
Quino, Spanish-Argentinian cartoonist
Nicolette Larson, American singer-songwriter (d. 1997)
Paul Stamets, American mycologist and author
Bitty Schram, American actress
1983 Jessi Cruickshank, Canadian television host
1987 Darius Boyd, Australian rugby player
Nico Liersch, German actor

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