Florida Man Birthday January 3

The Florida man attacked the McDonald’s employee because of a drinking straw.

This incident happened at a McDonald’s located in St Petersburg, Florida.

A Florida man named Daniel Willis Taylor attacked McDonald’s employee Yasmine James by grabbing her shirt for not giving him a straw. Yasmine James, who was furious, responded to Taylor and began beating him.

Meanwhile, a person named Brenda Biandudi shot a video of the incident and Biandudi’s brother uploaded the video to Facebook.

According to Biandudi’s statement, Taylor was shouting and asking the woman for a straw. On the other hand, the woman was trying to explain with a polite language that according to the law, it is now prohibited to have straws on the counter in restaurants until 2020.

Taylor did not accept this situation and attacked Yasmine James.

Thereupon, McDonald’s did not allow its employees to make a statement to the media, but “Our priority is always the safety and health of our employees and customers.” made a statement in the form.

The video shot by Biandudi helped police to busted the attacker.

According to the news in the media, Yasmine James still works at McDonald’s.

Florida man Mar-A-Lago was arrested for coming to talk to Trump about “$ 6.3 Trillion”.

Who are the famous January 3 birthdays?

1883 Duncan Gillis, Canadian discus thrower and hammer thrower (d. 1963)
1895 Boris Lyatoshinsky, Ukrainian composer and conductor (d. 1968)
1915 Mady Rahl, German actress and singer (d. 2009)
1926 George Martin, English composer, conductor, and producer
1929 Sergio Leone, Italian director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1989)
1934 Carla Anderson Hills, American lawyer and politician; 5th United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
1942 John Thaw, English actor and producer (d. 2002)
1946 Michalis Kritikopoulos, Greek footballer (d. 2002)
1975 Jun Maeda, Japanese businessman; co-founded the Key Company

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