Florida Man Birthday January 21

Palm Beach County, Florida (WPTV). A man turned out to be selling $100,000 stolen comics book and was immediately arrested in Arizona.

Phoenix police said on January 8 that a man from Florida and Royal Palm Beach known as Philip Weisbauer had interviewed a store manager in Phoenix for the sale of four comics. The approximate value of the comics was $ 97,000.

The official said Weisbauer returned to the store two days after leaving it. Weisbauer, who was taken into police surveillance after his visit to the store, was followed until 10 January.

As a result of the police searches, four comics were found among the 446 comics stolen from Raton. The stolen comics were worth over one million dolars.

West Palm Beach Past, Future Comics and Present trades thousands of comics a year. All collectors knew each other, according to Sal Ciano, an employee of West Palm Beach Past, Future Comics and Present. That’s why the store was very careful when the robbery took place.

“Our boss, Mark Gallo, is a good collector. He warned us when he heard the stolen comics. He suggested us, be careful if someone tries to sell the comics here.”

It was not clear whether the stolen items were insured. However, it is highly likely that the comics were uninsured. Because they changed hands constantly, there was no insurance cost.

“The comic book market is not very large,” says Ciano. Comics that are valuable are in the eye. That’s why a few collectors have these comics, and we all know. ” At the same time, comics evaluated have a barcode. Stores check if the comic is stolen before trading.

Four of the stolen comics were found. Nothing is yet known about the other 446 comics.

Another Incident On January 21

Florida Man, Woman Run Over By Patrol Car While Lying In Road To Watch Eclipse

Who are the famous January 21 birthdays?

William Ungar, Polish-American author and philanthropist, founded the National Envelope Corporation (d. 2013)
1918 Richard Winters, American soldier (d. 2011)
1943 Dimitris Poulikakos, Greek singer-songwriter and actor
1957 Greg Ryan, German-American soccer player and coach
1968 Charlotte Ross, American actress
1974 Malena Alterio, Argentinian-Spanish actress
1981 Dany Heatley, Canadian ice hockey player
1982 Go Shiozaki, Japanese wrestler
Moritz Volz, German footballer

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