Florida Man Birthday January 21

A Florida man wrestled with a bear to protect his dogs, but the footage was eerie

The incident took place in Daytona Beach, Florida. A Florida man noticed a large creature entering his garden. He soon realized that the beast was a bear. But meanwhile, the bear and the man’s dogs were about to attack each other. The man grappled with the bear to protect his dogs.

Walter Hickox received a minor abrasion from his bear-fighting. Hickox was trying to protect not only his dogs but also his family. Without hesitation, he lunged towards the bear. Because the bear was threatening the safety of his dogs and his wife on the property.

Saying that he remembers very little about the night of the incident, Hickox said he did not want to live that day again. Only minor wounds remained from his fight with the bear. Nothing happened to his dogs or any of his family. After the incident, the bear mysteriously disappeared.

What makes it interesting is that Hickox initially did not know that the animal was a bear. Hickox said that he thought the animal that had entered his garden was a black dog, so he jumped on it. However, he stated that he learned the truth after eating the claw from the bear.

Hickox stated that he now wants to attach a gate to the fences surrounding the house and has also decided to use a bear spray. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials and law enforcement came to the scene immediately but could not catch the bear.

According to the statement made by the authorities, if the bear had been caught, it would have been killed. Because according to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission policies, killing wild animals that threaten people’s safety is not a problem.

In addition, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission stated to be careful when encountering a bear. If you see a bear in the garden of your house, do not block its escape route and try to make noise with pots, they advised.

Another Incident On January 21

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Who are the famous January 21 birthdays?

William Ungar, Polish-American author and philanthropist, founded the National Envelope Corporation (d. 2013)
1918 Richard Winters, American soldier (d. 2011)
1943 Dimitris Poulikakos, Greek singer-songwriter and actor
1957 Greg Ryan, German-American soccer player and coach
1968 Charlotte Ross, American actress
1974 Malena Alterio, Argentinian-Spanish actress
1981 Dany Heatley, Canadian ice hockey player
1982 Go Shiozaki, Japanese wrestler
Moritz Volz, German footballer

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