Florida Man Birthday Challenge February 4

A man from Pinellas Park got angry for touching his cigars and rushed around.

PINELLAS PARK, FL – Authorities said that a man whose cigars were touched got angry and attacked his sister. The officer who wanted to arrest the man also bit.

According to the report, the cigars of a 23-year-old boy named Brian Keith Harrington were handled by his sister’s boyfriend. Annoyed by the situation, Harrington attacked his sister’s boyfriend first and then moved against his pregnant sister and those around him. Harrington then tossed a ketchup box, juice bottle, and food packages on his sister. The police who arrived at the scene barely stopped Harrington.

According to the sworn statement, Harrington bit the thumb of an officer trying to do his duty and threatened to kill the officer.

Harrington was accused of battering, threatening and resisting the police, as well as the local battering and law enforcement. Her sister’s lover did not sue Harrington.

Put in prison, Harrington is on bail of $10,150.

Another Incident On February 4

Police Arrest Florida Man For Drunken Joyride On Motorized Scooter At Walmart

Who are the famous February 4 birthdays?

Pierre de Marivaux, French author and playwright (d. 1763)
1920 Janet Waldo, American actress
1925 Stanley Karnow, American journalist and historian (d. 2013)
1929 Jerry Adler, American actor, director, and producer
1940 George A. Romero, American director and producer
Jenny Shipley, New Zealand educator and politician, 36th Prime Minister of New Zealand
1957 Don Davis, American composer and conductor
1960 Jonathan Larson, American composer and playwright (d. 1996)
Eric Garcetti, American lieutenant and politician, 42nd Mayor of Los Angeles

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