Florida Man Birthday December 30

A Florida man steals all the chicken wings from 7-Eleven but is caught by law enforcement

The incident took place in the city of Naples in Collier County. A Florida man broke into 7-Eleven and, using gloves, stole all the chicken wings and other hot food from the restaurant and walked away. However, he was arrested by the sheriff’s deputies during a traffic stop.

After the man committed the theft, 7-Eleven employees called law enforcement. Several deputies from the Collier County Sheriff’s Office have been assigned to deal with the case. Sheriff’s deputies came to the store and reviewed the footage. Records showed a man stealing food using gloves.

One of the store clerks stated that the man had been to the store before. He said the man working last ate three chicken wings in front of the clerk, lingered for a bit, and then left without paying. On camera footage, it was noticed that the man left the store in a car with two other people.

Sheriff’s deputies tracked down the incident. The car from which the suspects fled was identified and reported to other law enforcement. The vehicle with the man and his two companions was stopped by sheriff’s deputies on Cape Sable Road. Everyone in the car was detained.

Their statements were taken after the man who had stolen and the two people accompanying him were taken into custody. Investigators took statements from the suspect and two other suspects. The Collier County Sheriff’s Office announced that the man had been arrested for disorderly conduct.

Another Incident On December 30

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Who are the famous December 30 birthdays?

Daniil Kharms, Russian poet, author, and playwright (d. 1942)
1925 Ian MacNaughton, Scottish actor, producer and director (d. 2002)
June Anderson, American soprano and actress
Sister Bliss, English keyboard player, songwriter, and producer (Faithless)
Alexandro Alves do Nascimento, Brazilian footballer (d. 2012)
Tiger Woods, American golfer
Tyrese Gibson, American singer-songwriter, producer, and actor
Dawan Landry, American football player
Nick Symmonds, American runner

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