Florida Man Birthday December 20

Florida man using heavy drugs is stuck in the middle of the lake

The incident took place in Orlando, Florida. A Florida man entered the lake after using a heavy dose of drugs. After advancing without a care in anything, he was stuck in the middle of the lake. The man said his only purpose was to be alone with the swans because they weren’t judging him.

The Florida man stole a swan boat and drove towards the fountain in the middle of the lake. After going to the fountain, he was stuck in the middle of the lake. The police who arrived at the scene managed to save the man. The man told the cops that he used too many drugs.

A few details were included in the police report published about the incident. Police questioned 36-year-old Kyle Thurston. Thurston said he wanted to spend some alone time with the swans. For he was quite glad that the swans did not judge him. However, it was understood that the man was using large amounts of drugs.

Thurston had entered Lake Eola and made his way to the fountain in the middle of the lake. To do this, he used a swan boat. But soon Thurston’s cries began to be heard. Orlando police came to the scene when people around informed the police.

Thurston was stuck in the fountain because he forgot to moor his swan boat. Because while he was spending time in the fountain, the boat started to scud by itself. When Thurston could not find the boat where he had left it, he began to cry out for help. Orlando police managed to rescue the man who was trapped in the fountain in the middle of the lake.

Thurston was found to be using large amounts of drugs. Thurston posed no difficulties during police interrogation. He explained everything one by one. Whether any charges will be brought against Thurston will be determined by the request from the boat rental company.

Another Incident On December 20

Florida Man Maroons Himself On Lake Fountain Says He Wants To Be With The Swans, Blames ‘Too Much MDMA’

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