Florida Man Birthday December 19

Florida man accused of showing his genitals to middle school cheerleaders

The incident took place in Deltona, Volusia County. A group of schoolgirls were in charge of being cheerleaders and handing out candy canes. A Florida man showed his genitals to middle school cheerleaders. Deputies who came to the scene, after examining the footage, found the man and arrested him.

Steven Lopez Cortina, 22, was arrested after showing his genitals to cheerleaders handing out candy canes at Galaxy Middle School. The cheerleaders were commissioned by the school. Their mission was to give candy canes to people in the school pickup and drop-off loop.

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office issued a briefing on the incident. He stated that Cortina was arrested for a lewd and lascivious exhibition. It was announced that Cortina had acted similarly before, but was paroled. After this incident, the man violated his parole.

The 13-year-old girls came to Cortina’s car to give him candy canes. Cortina lowered the passenger side window and showed the girls his genitals. After the man showed his genitals to the cheerleaders in middle school, he immediately fled the scene without wasting any time.

The girls immediately informed the teachers and other staff at the school. The deputies identified the car by examining the camera footage. They then went to Cortina’s house and detained him. In addition to revealing his genitals, Cortina was charged with violating his parole for a similar previous behavior.

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