Florida Man Birthday December 15

Florida man surrenders after being accused of masturbating in Walmart’s toy section

The incident took place in Winter Haven, Polk County. A Florida man visited the Walmart store. He made his way to the toy section of the store. At that time, there were children in the section. The man began to masturbate, ignoring the children. He decided to submit himself to justice when his photo went viral.

A disgusting incident was witnessed at the Walmart store. A Florida man masturbated in the toy section of the store. Investigators shared the photo of the man and asked the citizens for help in determining his identity. When the photo went viral, 19-year-old Elias Alan-Arturo Flor submit himself to justice one night.

Flor visited the Walmart store at 355 Cypress Gardens Boulevard one evening. He went to the toy section of the store. There was a 12-year-old boy and his mother in the toy section. Flor suddenly started making obscene gestures, ignoring the boy.

Flor masturbated on the woman’s back as she stared at the items on the shelves and inspected the items in her shopping cart. The 12-year-old boy, standing right next to the shopping cart, had seen everything and told his mother what he had seen. However, Flor had already left the store by the time she heard the story.

Police watched the store’s video footage to investigate the incident. Recordings in the video were the same as what the 12-year-old boy had told. Shortly after the police released a photo to identify the man, Flor came to the Winter Haven Police Department and submit himself to justice.

Winter Haven Police Chief Charlie Bird said the incident was nauseating. Bird stated that it was disturbing for the child to witness the event, but he appreciated him for telling the details of the event in the most accurate way. Flor was arrested and charged with engaging in obscene behavior in the presence of a boy younger than 16.

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Who are the famous December 15 birthdays?

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