Florida Man Birthday December 12

A deputy has been cleared of shooting a naked man threatening law enforcement with his crossbow

The incident took place in Santa Rosa County, Florida. A deputy shot and injured a man pointing a crossbow at him. Later, an investigation was launched against the deputy for misconduct. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement announced the outcome of the investigation, and the deputy was acquitted.

Upon notice to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, the deputies took action. The Florida man was trying to protect himself by building barricades inside his house and holding a crossbow. What he wanted to protect himself from were the aliens following him. At least the man believed so.

The deputies who arrived at the scene tried to take the man into custody. Meanwhile, the man pointed the crossbow at one of the deputies. Thereupon, the deputy fired at the man with his gun, wounding him. After the incident, an investigation was launched against the deputy.

It was his father who filed a complaint with law enforcement about 26-year-old Glen Phillips. Phillips was under the influence of drugs and was threatening to kill his father. The father had asked to meet with the deputies earlier, and a meeting was scheduled. But he had not arrived at the place where he was to meet the deputies.

After some time passed, the father called 911 and complained about his son again. His son locked himself in the house and wouldn’t let anyone in. The deputies responded to the call and headed for the house on Highway 4. When they got to the front of the house, the man said that Phillips had threatened to kill him.

The deputies tried to get Phillips out of the house but were unsuccessful. Later, four deputies decided to break into the house. When Phillips heard the voices, he said he was armed and dangerous. The deputies noticed that Phillips was naked and carrying a crossbow. The crossbow was pointed at the deputies.

Deputy Kelvin Dalgleish told investigators that he shot and injured Phillips in the right armpit. He said he did this because he was worried about his safety and the safety of other deputies. After Phillips was shot, he dropped the crossbow and was treated by the deputies.

Dalgleish said that Phillips was naked and was constantly talking about a meteorite. Phillips kept saying that humans and aliens were after the meteorite. Since he had the meteorite, some humans and aliens were after him. According to Phillips, the meteorite was very valuable in monetary terms.

Phillips claimed he dropped the crossbow before Deputy Dalgleish fired at him. He stated that he did not use drugs on the day of the incident. However, in the hospital, amphetamines, cannabinoids, and benzodiazepines were detected in Phillips’ blood. This was an indication that he was using drugs.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement declared that Dalgleish was right to shoot Phillips. They stated that the deputy had done nothing wrong. Phillips was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and three times aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer.

Another Incident On December 12

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Who are the famous December 12 birthdays?

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1892 Milko Kos, Slovenian historian and academic (d. 1972
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Reeta Chakrabarti, English journalist
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