Florida Man Birthday December 11

Florida man detained after body found floating on water in the Gulf of Mexico

The incident took place in Clearwater, Pinellas County. Florida police have arrested a Florida man as a result of their investigation into a murder. The most important situation that changed the course of the investigation was that the body of the deceased man was found floating on the water.

They were on a boat when Shane Dugan, 29, started arguing with Lonnie Wilson, 48. According to the information Dugan gave to the police, the argument soon turned into a fight. Dugan threw Wilson out of the boat during the fight, causing his death.

After throwing Wilson overboard, Dugan told 61-year-old James Alex McManus, who was driving the boat, that they needed to get away immediately and return to shore. Thus, he left Wilson to die. McManus, who was driving the boat, stated that he did not remember the details of the incident because he had drunk too much alcohol.

Wilson’s body was found near Sand Key Park, just south of Clearwater Beach. The corpse was floating on the water. Those who saw the corpse immediately called 911 and reported the situation. Florida police, who came to the scene, started the necessary investigations to be able to identify the corpse.

It turned out that the body belonged to 48-year-old Wilson and the incident was a murder. Those linked to Wilson were investigated and it was revealed that Dugan was responsible for the murder. Dugan was arrested on the manslaughter charge and sent to jail. There are no attorneys listed for Dugan in the jail records.

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Who are the famous December 11 birthdays?

Frank Tarrant, Australian cricketer and umpire (d. 1951)
Doc Blanchard, American football player and colonel (d. 2009)
Keith Waldrop, American author and poet
Reg Livermore, Australian actor and singer
J. P. Parisé, Canadian-American ice hockey player, coach, and manager (d. 2015)
Jon Garrison, American tenor and educator
Paul Haslinger, Austrian-American keyboard player, guitarist, and composer (Tangerine Dream)
Michel Courtemanche, Canadian comedian and actor
Pablo Pérez Companc, Argentinian race car driver

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